Ahad's Masters Garden II​.​: Songs from the Lotus Island - Prelude of a Collective Ayahuasca​-​Healing

by Zsolt Sőrés (Ahad)

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Icaro 07:37


Special edition

Hommage à Alejandro Jodorowsky

"You are a saint"
Bruce Posner, the curator of 'Unseen Cinema' to Ahad by e-mail, 31 January, 2007
"You are excrement"
The Alchemist to the Thief in the film 'The Holy Mountain' (1973)
"You are nothing"
God to God, somewhere, at some time and some language in the ether

Sound wreckage, fragments, melodies, noises of a universal, mystical anarchist travelling with Alejandro Jodorowsky's films (especially with 'The Holy Mountain'). Analog and digital audio crumbs and irregular fragments of media archeoNEOlogy at the beginning of a new millennium, psychedelic sound-symbolic signal analysis, a return to reality. Inner Revolution and Remission of the Ego; soundtrack-symphony of a never-realized movie: recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations, new and old vinyl records, audio files, CDs, tapes, studio and field recordings, trans-texts through the all prospective and practicing "cultural y Espiritu ayahuascaros" for. In the surreal, Wicked-God-Mix-Odyssey, my companion, the "Second Ear" was Mc Psψchoplasma. "Les dar las gracias y recuerdos para todos!"

Alejandro Jodorowsky

On Listening to Martin Fierro’s Music for 'El Topo'

I was a seed
watching itself grow on a tree
I was the tree,
but feeling
apart from it.

Earth and water
came together
with my energy
and the fruits and branches
were larger far beyond
what I had ever thought.

I sat there
watching myself grow.

I wanted to leap up out of
the dephts of the earth
and drop into the heart of the fruit,
be the future seed, one of them,
not be the origin.



released July 18, 2010

Composed, constructed, mixed and recorded at the Psψchoplasmics Studio, Hungary in January and February, 2007. The show aired on the Radio Petőfi 'Mixmag' program on 26 February, 2007. Special thanks to Zsolt Kovács and Tamás Turai.




Ahad Budapest, Hungary

(Viola, lo-fi electronics, home-mades) Born 01. 01. 1969 in Budapest. Current projects: trio with Franz Hautzinger and Isabelle Duthoit, Noise Flowers, duo with Jean-Hervé Péron Art-Errorist, I Belong to the Band, duo with Christian Skjødt, Spiritus Noister, Positive Noise Trio, multimedia project with the Don’t Eat Group, projects with independent coreographers, dancers, fine artists, filmmakers. ... more

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